Spa World - Med Tub is a scam on the elderly!

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In April of 2009 we had a walk in tub installed. The Medi Tub from Spa World cost $5,373.91 plus the construction costs for installation.

From within a month of the installation, we have had a continuing issue with the faucet knobs coming loose and the diverter does not divert the water completely from the facet to the shower wand as well as the valves leaked. The facets do not seat correctly and don't work beyond 1 to 2 uses.

We had to buy a second set of replacement valves and handles for $289.00 from Spa World after several months of calling nearly daily. They refused to stand behind their products, and wanted to give us only 7 days to return the brand new faucets if they didn't work.

When we finally got the faucets, they were dumped in a box with no packing at all. They sent a second set.

The new faucets were a larger size than the original ones and the tub holes had to be drilled out, which I did not want to attempt on a tub that cost $5,373.91! We called 7 on your side and with their help, Spa World sent out a licensed plumber to do the installation. I spoke to the plumber and requested that he check the clearances for the faucets before drilling out the tub. His response was that he was only being paid for 1.5 hours and that he couldn't talk to me and get the job done.

Consequently, when I got home, the faucet handles don't clear each other and hit the wall. See YouTube (

The determination by the plumber is the new handles were defective as well as there is a manufacturing defect on the tub itself that doesn't allow the faucets and tub spout to be screwed down tight enough to the tub to keep them from spinning.

We returned both sets of the faucets at our expense, and After a month Spa world has not credited us for the returns.


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